“The City of Ottawa has been very fortunate over the past number of years to have had the opportunity to work with Vissering Construction on a number of public improvement projects including; the total remodeling of our City Offices (built in 1905), construction of our new Water Treatment Plant, renovation of a pump house and currently the construction of our new Wastewater Treatment Plant (an $8 million project).

We have the utmost confidence in their company and personnel no matter what project they undertake.  If I were limited to using just one word to describe their work it would be...QUALITY.  From their business ethics to their workmanship to their personnel whether it’s a small project or large, it’s all about quality.  In that regard, please consider this a letter of recommendation from the city of Ottawa or any projects your Committee is considering.

On a personal note, I might add that I am also pleased that Vissering Construction owner Al Slagel not only takes pride in the work his company does in a community but also in the community itself by often helping support non-project related causes.”   

                                                                -Mayor Robert M. Eschbach

“I’m very happy to present a letter of support for Vissering Construction.  Over the years Illinois Valley Community College has contracted with them for a number of projects and in every case they have met our expectations.

Just last week, Vissering Construction was the lowest and most responsible bidder on a $526,000 remodeling project for our biology laboratory.  On March 15, 2010, they began work for the City of Ottawa to renovate the former Centrue Bank facility for the new IVCC Ottawa Center, a $650,000 project.  In 2004, Vissering construction was also the lowest and most responsible bidder for a $1 million major project that involved connecting the third floor on four buildings at IVCC for ADA purposes.

Overall, I have been pleased with the company’s work, especially their ability to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.  Because of this positive experience, I highly recommend Vissering Construction as a contractor for serious consideration on all public projects.”

                                                                      -President Dr. Jerry Corcoran 

“In 2005, we contracted with Vissering to construct for us a 33,000 sq. ft. Medical Office Building.  Since that project, the’ve been a fixture on our campus in the capacity of General Contractor & Construction Management for the following projects;

  1. Community Health Services Office Building

  2. Fresenius Dialysis Center

  3. Fox River Cancer Center/Radiation Oncology of Northern Illinois

  4. MRI-CT Radiology Addition

  5. Medical Office Building 3 Level Parking Structure

  6. Main Hospital 2 Level Parking Structure

  7. Renovations of our Inpatient Medical-Surgical Floor as well as Inpatient Mental health Floor.

  8. Flood Protection Project

  9. Outpatient mental Health Building (Currently under Construction)

Because they have been able to develop and maintain budgets, coordinate phasing, and stay on schedule, we have chosen them for several additional projects that are either under construction or in design phase at this time.

We have been pleased with the services they’ve performed, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

                                                    -President & CEO Robert A. Chaffin

“I would like to offer my highest recommendation for Vissering Construction to serve as general contractor and/or construction manager for your project.  After working closely with Vissering on our $19.5 million Parkside Middle School, I have 100 percent confidence in Vissering’s ability to complete your construction project with the highest standards of safety and quality.

Vissering was the low bidder on our plans for building a brand new, 95,300 square foot, 600 student capacity facility.  From the moment they earned the bid through the moment of the project completion, Vissering has proven that they are capable of doing the highest quality work.  The job was completed on time with a tight , 15 month construction schedule so that we were able to open Parkside on time in August of 2009.  While these instances have been rare, they have continued to follow up and assist us with any concerns or issues that naturally come up with a brand new building.  This shows that Vissering does not walk away from a job even when it is technically completed, and they have especially been helpful in dealing with any concerns with subcontractors. 

Throughout the project, we felt that the people on the job were well-trained and of the highest caliber.  Their workers were efficient, and the management team was professional and eager to assist us with making sure we met our goal of having a safe, first-class middle school.  Representatives of Vissering worked very well with our architect, and the lines of communication were always open.  Without exception, I felt that everything was handled with honesty and integrity.

I cannot say enough about the quality of Parkside Middle School, and so much of this is directly attributable to the team at Vissering Construction.”

                                                                -Superintendent Mark R. Cross

“I am writing you to express my deep appreciation and sincere thanks for the quality of work provided by Vissering Construction Company in the building of the LPHS Sport Complex.  I cannot say enough how satisfied the Board of Education and I are with the outcome of the project.  Form the first planning meeting which you led in our Library Conference Room to the many on-site meetings with Mr. Bob Rosencrans, I knew that the right company was selected to build our complex.

Specifically, I would like to commend Mr. Bob Rosencrans, our Project Superintendent.  He was consistently professional, prompt, and generous in answering my questions.  As a novice to a major construction project, Bob was a wonderful guide for me and I am thankful to have had the privilege of working with him on this project.  I would like to share a particular story that I believe best illustrates the type of person Bob is.  I had to meet Bob at the complex to drop off our monthly check.  After giving Bob the check and little small talk, he digs through the backseat in his truck and presents to me an old horseshoe that was dug up in the spot where the soccer field is located.  Bob felt that this was a sign of good luck and wanted to make sure we received it.  The horseshoe will be presented to our soccer team this spring on a plaque that will no doubt bring our kids exceptional good luck!

Thank you again for the outstanding customer service and quality workmanship that Vissering provided over the course of the project.  Please know that I tout Vissering Construction Company every opportunity that I have and recommend your company without any reservations.  Please feel free to share this letter with future prospective clients and my phone number for personal reference ~(815) 223-2373.”

Sincerely yours,

Steven R. Wrobleski


“It is with GREAT pleasure that I express my gratitude to the remarkable team at Vissering Construction, who successfully led us through our renovation project at Reddick Library.  During the eight months of our project, Vissering’s crews demonstrated the highest level of pride and craftsmanship on a daily basis.

I also share my particular gratitude for the work of Tim Claus and Jaerod Barta on our behalf.  While they would say they were “only doing their job,” their ability to listen to our needs, to advocate on our behalf, and to coordinate a large number of elements (both anticipated and unanticipated) was exceptional.  These factors allowed us to remain open every day during the renovation!

While thank you doesn’t seem adequate, please know the deep appreciation felt for the positive impact Vissering Construction has had on an essential community institution, Reddick Public Library District.”


Kathy Clair, MLIS

Library Director